[balky internet connection… the missing post, below; still owe you for today. remaining high on the level of work; refreshed view of possibilities for the soul-central benefit]

A paraphrase whose provenance I’ll look up tomorrow, via Morgan Jenness: Theater functions to break up our habits.


Strong workshop of Burnt Umber at New Dramatists with an outstanding cast Mary Schultz, Ana Perea, Jan Leslie Harding, Steve Mellor, and Jocelyn Kuritsky. Mia Rovegno directiong, with Jeanette Yew designing, Johnny Oleksinski as SM… in the hallowed halls of New Dramatists. In the vein of building our project up and out for and through family, Harding turned my path as a writer when she first gave a script of mine to Mac Wellman many years ago; Schultz and Mellor both showed me how sane, detailed and human the acting could be in plays experimental in form and language, Perea has worked on my stuff since Austin, Yew was part of the rising wave of the puppet nation that turned my head to that medium, Kuritsky was in St. Plays in college, Mia I’m got to know through the 13P mafia, and Johnny is of a piece with the mighty ND, which is like the hometown of the American playwright.


The script showed itself with new clarity and we’re a solid step down the road… But above all the day helped reveal the method and message of the Soulographie project, namely that legacy and exercise of social actions (the commerce of trust) organizes the way forward, and if theater will have an impact on the healing of trauma, it will be from its structural use of this ethic, as much as in the advertisement of any content.

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