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Now Neruda for a while…  The fertility of silence; origin is darkness (language is rooted in the inchoate; language reaches down as well as up). To move, to develop, we exceed ourselves – stretch into what we’re not. We remember that the dramaturgical drive for clarity is based in a desire for invisibility – clarity as in transparency – the content is pure momentum. Light (voiceless) is buzzing with activity; to ask permission is to ask leave, to ask for vacated space in which to work (to buzz).


from I Ask for Silence (trans. Alastair Reid)


But because I ask for silence,

don’t think I’m going to die.

The opposite is true;

it happens I’m going to live.


To be, and to go on being.


I will not be, however, if, inside me,

the crop does not keep sprouting,

the shoots first, breaking through the earth

to reach the light;

but the mothering earth is dark,

and, deep inside me, I am dark.

I am a well in the water of which

the night leaves stars behind

and goes on alone across fields.


It’s a question of having lived so much

that I want to live that much more.


I never felt my voice so clear,

never have been so rich in kisses.


Now, as always, it is early.

The light is a swarm of bees.


Let me alone with the day.

I ask leave to be born.

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