what must yield as we change our space?

fighting a cold, but very much looking forward to the great catherine cole coming into the conference today! reminder on biari – we are:


BIARI Notes 6/18/12


To carry difference into common space, not to efface difference but to witness it mutually.



To act: move, to act effectively: change – change position, and from this, effect change. In Performance, the objects of change are, radically, time and space. We change the physical space of performance (moving out of buildings, moving into digitality, restoring orality), change the political space, the space for culture in civil society.


Something Must Yield as Space Changes.



In pursuit of rubrics, abjure success by conventional measures; the space of assessment must change. Pursue a radical uncertainty and perfect, active  indifference that promotes oscillation.



What is ongoing? How do we enter it? How are we more human, and how have we added to the capacity of the human, in losing ourselves to the project?


Will we be changed? For the sake of deep change, will we abandon the rubrics of our assessment? Are we willing to work in new ways that leave us not knowing if we’ve done a good job, or if the work we’ve done is ours? As scholars, are we generating private property, or adding to the human?


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