A good weekend here at Wesleyan – an advanced version of some of the National Graduating Class work last picked up at Fordham. The idea is to get playwrighting teachers and students together from across institutions… Yale, Brown, Fordham and NYU Graduate and Undergraduate depts. are represented, along with some freelance, and a Theater History Prof from Brazil; hosted very nicely. This morning the amazing Migdalia Cruz is presenting on Irene Fornes…


Faculty spent time yesterday drafting questions around pedagogy, and a gathered mission in moving many promising artists into the field each year.


As always, a concern about object orientation and the fixed position of institutions. But moderator Ken Prestininzi did a heroic job of focusing discussion on the uncertainties and curiosity embedded in the art, vs. a rapid rehash of familiar complaints (money and time; so real, so familiar).


May our acts of creation reveal how we are being created.

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