A lovely beginning to Arts in the One World – which is now construed as a series of meals featuring various themed conversations. This year’s general title: living a long time (a life as an artist, a civic life as an artist, a local life, a long life…).


Busyness comes up – and – if art is a way of life, a principle of navigation, a radio wave, a way/wave can move through what’s in front of it. We can be an artist throughout busyness, bring an artistic sensibility to meetings, to mothering, to correspondence… Let’s hope!


Per the psalms, the world was not made to be a waste, but made to be lived in. Straight up Darwin. We have emerged as we have in order to live here; our shapes are a response to the earth and our circumstances. So daily we continue to respond to see. This is what’s meant by forgiveness and a pure heart – to position oneself continually so that nothing obstructs seeing, responsiveness…

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