waltzing cordelia

About the Ustream Cordelia


Remarkable, several ways. There’s the standard yesteryear Flash Gordon effect – (who woulda thought such stuff would be jumping live over the Snake River of our division? Why, I grew up using a typewriter and adding numbers in my head… etc.). But way past that – Yugen just does really beautiful work. So good to see the company again, and to be reminded of their expertise and heart. Every element was well considered, thoroughly worked, and even through the little window of the computer – intense.  But also terrific for what it betokens – theater needs to find a way to share (not establish) its reality digitally – its’ just where we (flitting citizens) are organizing ourselves, waltzing through code.


So some things that every theater should have: beds, a kitchen, attention to mortality (needle exchange, education of the young/old… a celebration of conversation as life-in-time), a horn section (interdisciplinary habits of gathering), live stream for all performances, and a concise presence in the digital archive. We need to be globally present, and locally fed…


A beautiful night, that fuels me for in-the-room contact. Congrats!

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