waiting 2/3/14

Slow in posting; stalled out by an upcoming reading of a play I wrote in Texas: Ten Thousand Things, which went up at the Bushwick Starr tonight. Lovely hosting, generous crowd; solid venue.


From the play; a song near the end… Parents waiting for news of their missing child.


I am waiting through the dialing

Even when there’s lots of zeros


I will wait all through the night

Even when there’s lots of zeros


I will spiral through a lifetime

Like a circle made of zeros


I have waited a very long time

I have studied good and evil


I will play you Marco Polo

I will play you hotter cooler


Ink without its paper. All middle. Bakelite

The dial’s a watch with no hands the way you like to ride a bike


I lost a whole set of keys once down a hole this dark

Your house’ll burn down if you build out of Joan of Arc


I am waiting like hydrogen, like a cure for the common cold

I am waiting to get better, for the wedding to turn gold

You can spell anything by turning,

Turn around, turn around


I’m not safe through the ear that’s where/that’s how I think

I’m not safe alone that’s where/that’s how I drink


Loneliness is patience with chapped lips, your mouth is breaking

Breaking is the same

Shape as

What saves you


Full of knowledge

Like a language unspoken, all alone

Rotary phone

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