virginia tech today a.m.

memorials are going up this morning.

some links via rachel’s site in MN –

the note we’re going to be handing out here at brown.

What a Stranger May Know

A Virginia Tech Memorial on the Fifth Anniversary of Events in Blacksburg.


On April 16th 2007 from 7:25-9:50 a.m. 33 people lost their lives – a young man shot 32 members of his community; then himself. Many others were wounded. Five years later, we contemplate the losses, in solidarity with other linked memorial actions at campuses across the country and in Northern Ireland.


Readings run approximately through the duration of events; we’ll gather for a talk back at Lyman 002 (the Cave) at around 10 a.m.


This is a meditation-garden in language; witnesses navigate the experience for themselves, finding ways through reflection and mourning as they will, leaning to fellowship.


Here at Brown we read 27 of the 32 texts made for the shooter’s victims (pieces have been written for the shooter, but these enter a separate process). The scripts are written from the point of view of a stranger, on the basis of the public record, with the aim of creating space for public reflection.


In the end, ‘what a stranger may know’ may not be enough… And nonetheless, even in silence, even in our questioning (through our silence, through our questioning) we can find room for witness – for being with.


Counselor on site. For more information, see Erik (in the green baseball cap).


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