ut non delinquam in lingua mea – 3/14/14

“A man of many words,” says the psalmist, “will never lead a right life on earth.” Therefore he says elsewhere: Dixi custodiam vias meas ut non delinquam in lingua mea (Ps 38:1). This is hypallage, and is as though he said: “I will defend my ways with my tongue-guard; if I defend my tongue well, I can well keep to the way toward heaven.” For as Isaiah says, Cultus iusticie silentium (Is 32:17) – “Silence is the cultivation of justice.” … Thus Isaiah joins both hope and silence together, and says that in them will stand spiritual strength: In silentio et spe erit fortitudo vestra (Is 30:15) – that is, “In silence and in hope will be your strength.” – Ancrene Wisse


[as a deep fan of over-writing, i wonder if i am as well a fan of hopelessness.]

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