Lotsa work:


Yermedea (Moore): PVD Oct 12-14

(95 Empire – http://as220.org/calendar/)


Open Rehearsal Maria Kizito (Mendelsohn): PVD Oct 18

(95 Empire – http://as220.org/calendar/)


Hidebound (Heimstead): MN Oct 18-28

(Heart of the Beast – http://www.hobt.org/)


Double Aspect (Hurlin): DC Oct 20-21

(American Dance Institute – http://www.americandance.org/performance/)


Yermedea (Moore) and

Equiprobabalism (Amshoff; not Soulographie, but same bill here): Boston Oct 27-28

(Sleeping Weasel – http://www.sleepingweazel.com/events/)


Thistle (Dugdale): San Diego Nov 3

(3rd Space – http://www.facebook.com/events/365924063476897/)


On to La MaMa!

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