unusual fish – 2/17/14

[More, trying to figure out Paul]


He is very beautiful, and he took Stephen’s young son into a hole he made in his side, sewn with thread from his unraveled shirt

With 50 more years of life – without light, he would have been 50 more years a drunk. Not budging

He was a teenager up there on that horse. The light knocked his shoes off. He was barefoot among the corpses

There were tones played and then tea was served. This is while his appointment was being changed. This is while he is being assigned to the death squads. He leaves a different boy

He dies of the son


Look at this! I am an old man. I held coats and went on to murder many people. Children. I retired, a murderer, on government wage


His body cannot digest all the silver he has eaten. His blood is a sludge of precious metals.


Saul? Saul?


Now Saul is consenting


He is eating his usual fish, and realizes he can’t see his hands or plate. Day. Before he starves to death, he sees. He eats. He goes blind. And before he starves to death –

Waiting for permission to be peaceful. To have nothing


Nostrils sticking together in the mountain sub-zero. Trees bathed in white, heatless sun breathless sun overwhelming. He forgets, all morning


They take his words and left him with enough money to buy sign language for “become”

He will never not have murdered all Christ’s people. Christ loves him. IHS

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