[Full day yesterday at the Biari! Ending at 12:30 with a great production of Marriage of Figaro presented by the U of Capetown… Below, raw notes]


For the geneology of beats: Whosampled.com


McDonalds and classical music – using sophistication as an implement of repression.




Atavism; the myth of reclamation is at the base of fascism. There is no return. We need a critical history, critical memory.


Carnivale – an imaginal space or a destination? If the latter – it’s a commodity. It is already nostalgia or kitsch, even before we consume it – we consume it to confirm an inner experience of it that we’ve already had. Mardi Gras – not into Lent.


The proper space for imagination: “Imagination is about capacity (it has to be realized)” – Tony Bogues.


Thing to avoid is sentiment, or in prayer terms, a terminus in consolation – one’s experience of the event – if you are regressive into satisfaction, you are a market. R+R was going to change the world; perhaps most importantly it created a demographic. This is the vitality of sound-ing over sound, then (Julian Henriques), both the process and the analysis. We are not looking at capturing the artifact (describing the event or the genre), but describing what’s happening in terms of its movement through shadow, or as that which casts a shadow – how it is formed by or is a form of power; more neutrally, how it represents and causes change. Lyrics as sound and sound as lyrics. Narrative as music.


Everything is in shadow and is either moving through it, periodically out of it, or it is dying. Politics, economics, language is a shadow, human consciousness – they are descriptions that can never fully get around the causes they seek to describe. This is what original sin is – not moralistic, it is epistemological. More about the shadow below.


JH – Under the radar – Using the shadow as your own cover – it becomes your anatomy. Autonomy – possible? Either, like Samsa, you die of invisibility, or you become a market. Tactically, under the radar is not a location, but a serial, periodic disappearance, a Lent. Lorca – imagination, inspiration, evasion. The imagination causes change by evading the limits of its own products.


As a playwright I am not interested in plays, I am interested in playing. Children in a schoolyard – they disregard the need for story, it is a means to power through persistent evasion.




About forms:


We’re not in the middle of our time, we are at the end/beginning. Eschatalogical thinking. Reiterating: the contemporary form is memorial – a sampled, navigable archive, an armature for the audience’s self-discovery. Reza Abdoh – even after the clubs (AIDS), theater is trying to recreate the club – wildly sampled, audience centered in terms of narrative construction – not anti-narrative, but open narrative.


Returning to the idea of the shadow:


Weiner – outlaw internet captured him. Media captures internet. Outside internet, in the shadow of discourse, running to the light of a new foundation – functioning freely, but: footsteps. Power commands and charge all services, all resources; if you are in need, you are criminal. If you have gone mad, you are criminal. Such absolute command wasn’t always the case; the absolute abolishment of a wilderness is relatively new. Art on the Lower East Side – squats and illegal sublets… this has gone away. Very difficult to make theater without a business plan on a corporate model; it’s difficult to express in a way that does not confirm a hierarchical, sequential economy, where producer and consumer are separate and wealth is concentrated… Society guarantees denatured arts organizations – they are in the model of a profit making organization, and held at non-profit deadlock. The market outruns the outlaw, and profits from it.


Anything can be bought. Belgrade rock and roll. We spoke too about hijacking victimhood.


Can be bought back – the Irish language bounced back as the economy boomed.


There is no private space, no unruly space – even the private act of watching media has become the subject of media – this is the nature of reality TV: seeing personalities amplified by their loop: they are watching themselves being watched on TV.


Diminishing discernment – color, sound (children today are less able to distinguish one sound or color form another – their spectrum in more limited). Desire more ruled (vs. unruly). We cannot discern the features of our own imagination.


The hope: relocate value. Change medium, in particular the medium of value. And: Claudia Bernardi via Augustine: All good is communicable.

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