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[Knocked out; day in the heat, writing. Quarter way into the last play for What a Stranger May Know.]


Just because we have a word, and use it, doesn’t mean we know what we mean. For legal reasons we like to cut conversation short so that plausible deniability can be maintained when we call, say “justice” to task.


The longest trial at the ICTR just ended (a woman who enabled mass rapes in Rwanda); the convictions are a good thing – the logic of the ICTR bears looking at… Its location, its intentions, its budget. The care that’s being taken in setting up precedents in international law is laudable; the ideas of justice (as they relate to re-composition of the whole) are – just one string in the string theory tangle.


I have a tee shirt from the great local (PVD) store, East Side Mini Mart: “Beware the man with one book.” When an abstract noun is given a concrete, sole meaning, something’s up. Also – beware the person with one book and its opposite… As in the Fox binary on PDG… Either/or can’t make it in a multi-dimensional universe.


Far end of the spectrum – things are so complex that nothing means anything… But our minds are moving past this to the mean. Things (actions, relationships) are seen and worked with at a fantastic level of complexity from an early age. But that complexity is heavily (is absolutely) patterned – patterned diversely.


Earlier: notes on justice and asymmetry.

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