Building on what we’ve been talking about re: Weil and Nothing – also going back to Borges – Am starting to get my head around mirrors and labyrinths.


The first time we look into a mirror, we begin to understand that we can only (must) extend ourselves into the world by means of images (fictions; what we call reality is a utilitarian fiction, is what we see as reality).


The closer we move to the ultimate good (guide, cause, God, wholeness) the further out along the armature of abstraction we crawl. Once we start fictionalizing, we can go on forever.


If we go on persistently in time, as if we were immortal, we’re mad or mindless (we’re like rocks).


If we try and trap time, and create an infinite loop (a perfected world, satisfying ourselves with our own abstractions) – we’re fascists. (This is the point of Borges’ Tlön, Uqbar, Tertius Orbis?) The terminal abstraction is a labyrinth; labyrinths have minotaurs in the middle.


Genocide is a labyrinth.


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