It seems logical that if we want to speak to what’s beyond words, we speak with a language that’s beyond words, namely…


And if we’re speaking as artists then we’re speaking into what’s original (a perpetual beginning rather than the stillness of negation: “yes” before it’s a word, rather than “no” after it’s said). The ethical character of art’s goal (life in the original) has to be tied to its means; one of its means is repetition (beauty inciting beauty; this lately come off of reading Scarry). Artistic impulse can begin in repetition (answering a question with a question, space with space, creation with creation), then perpetuate itself through repetition (rehearsal), and result in repetition, if it’s food for anything, good for anything, if it’s ethical (handing artistic means over to the audience who repeat the art in diverse ways.). We listen and hear silence, we practice silence, and then more silence happens – meaning, conversation that is direct to the soul and beyond words.


Since silence is unobstructed it fits anywhere. There can be silence in daily life – there can be silence inside talking and writing and thinking, if the talking and writing and thinking aren’t acting as if they are making the future or saving the past. They can live in silence if they live in the present; the present, having no dimension, is silent. Silence is presence, where presence begets presence in artistic infinity… Stilling the moment and moving the stillness.


At the same time, practice with silence-like-we-know-it (not speaking) can help us seat and sustain silence-while-we-speak. So in December, some of us may choose to go about our business, but not as usual – instead with new attention to generous waiting, to receptivity; intentional enlarging through not-having. And – some people may not want to speak for 31 days straight.

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