Gratitude this time for the live stream and recording  of Thistle (available on this site) – for the action of the distribution, but foremost for the quality of the work – clear, committed work, elegantly staged, strong in advocacy, memorable melodies.


Yesterday there was the note about the five-pattern in Hound. Puppet work (like St. Play, like tales) follows the attempted-six but actual five Calvino memos:








Not necessarily a sequence (like no play is wholly sequential?) but also, like a play, can be laid out as if it were a sequence…


Another five:


  • Once we grow up we need to decreate. We’re seized by a sudden awareness of our capacity – how much we may be able to give away. Adulthood – after an acoustic intervention (a suddenly enhanced capacity for listening brought about by strange news), we start at last to wait.
  • Puberty – we go through the awkwardness of bringing new abilities into our bodies, we are changed in ways we don’t will or understand. We start to remember. We move up out of the grave and need to shake ourselves clean.
  • Then we burn from the head down to our feet. We’re born by reversing birth, disappearing first on the basis of our certainty. We appreciate breakfast like a child.
  • We are ready to sacrifice everything, including ourselves; we live in and for another; we duplicate conception.
  • We’re back to the face we had before we were born. A sacrifice is taken up to a higher value, superhuman – e/g/ peace. Decreation, the trade-away self for soul.


We need to acknowledge the fatality inherent in peace eschatology. When we talk about peace, we are talking in some ways about death. The language of peace can be so very easily urged to the language of destruction. The key difference: one is a politics of death, the other a meditative action of death-to.

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