then again, here we are – 3/25/14

Some lyrics from a song written with Newton Pittman


Showed money and grew old

What I stole and what I sold

Death’s a hole dug low and cold

Dust the judgment, cheap the gold


Rhetoric’s the art of turning souls

Dying the art of building holes

I live because the rock rolls

I live at all because the rock rolls


At the break where bone leaves bone

Where you leave yourself at your alone

Box up my old telephone

Drown it like a cat

Pour electrocution into my hat

And leave it on my bed

Lord let me wake up

From the foolish things I’ve said


When you are young and killing love

I will give no ground

I fool myself, my fool my self

And I will give no ground


Tell the new from the used

The cared for from the bruised


The silence we can live with

The silence we live through

How you wait is what you do

Marry you

And catch a meeting


We were all right.

Yes we were all right

Then again – here we are

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