the razor itself

[BIARI rolls on…]

Another strong presentation from participant Marilia Gessa Rodrigues Domingues on “The Poetics of Rap in Brazil,” focusing on Racionais MC’s. She played some music and a line stood out:


“I was the flesh now I’m the razor itself.”


On the one hand it seems to run the risk of pulling a 180 on violence – perpetuating the violent dynamic with reversed perpetrators. I’m not convinced that revolution needs a phase where subjects are empowered on the same terms as the power deposed for the sake of catharsis (sometimes or ever)… but that aside, there’s another reading. The line invents a literacy for the wounded body: a) I will reveal and read the wounded body; b) I will write the body, creating a wound… a door that deflects/accuses? Or – a rupture that admits mutual exploration?


The deflection is potentially sentimental – “Something taken from me will be retrieved;” atavistic. This despite the fact that nothing ever comes back as it way…


Sentiment = emotionalized confirmation of status quo.


Brings us back to the idea of the Fecund Wound, which Jean-Pierre brought into an Arts in the One World gathering a few years back. Below, one attribution (also a song by Conspiracy Assassins!) –


Imagination Theory and the Imaginative Act

Paul Friedrich


The oscillation between possessing and being possessed is, for Lorca, the site of a bloody struggle, the opening up of a fecund wound from which imagination and inspiration originate. What kind of originary site is this? Why a wound as the trace of a struggle? For Lorca, the wound is an essential figure. It disrupts the unity of the body, opens it up to external forces and marks the influence of these forces on the body. It is both a perforation and an inscription. By this I mean that duende both disrupts meaning and form and makes them possible. (Find this article in the Irish Journal of Anthropology, vol. 10)




Which leads to the idea of a spiritualized materiality and photography – which we can hit tomorrow!

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