Double Aspect Bright and Fair

About the Play

Fourth Central America play; features Rory another character who will recur (an analogue of Jack’s).

· Rory works for Corrections as an executioner
· Rory is Married to Lynn; Lynn is a Prison Chef
· Lynn and Rory have a daughter, Xela; heavy metal fan
· Xela won’t eat Lynn’s food. She moves out of the house and works in a Subway Sandwich shop; spies on her parents by means of magic subway. Anorexia; she suffers brain damage, and moves back home. Rory moves out, though stays in touch.
· Rory executes a mass killer.
· The mass killer is a rogue cop who gathered a private army in C.A.
· The private army works in the interests of a mineral company that wants squatters removed from its land.
· The private army kills the squatters and torches the village.
· When Rory was a boy, he accidentally caused the death by fire of a man and his two children. Rory was never caught.
· Rory takes an unexcused leave from work; visits the destroyed village.

Puppet intensive.

Director: Dan Hurlin, NYC

Double Aspect Bright and Fair runs on Thursday, Nov 15 at 7:00 pm and Sunday, Nov 18 at 2:00 pm. Click on date for tickets.