Diamond Dick

About the Play

Black Wall Street is thriving in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921.  As a Memorial Day parade marches through downtown Tulsa, an African American shoe shiner, Dick Rowland, trips and falls against a white female elevator operator, Sarah Page.  Rumors of rape and an arrest ensue.  Dick is branded as “Diamond Dick” and the white owned newspaper calls for a lynching.  White mobs are confronted by African American veterans of WW I, and a conflagration begins. Shots are fired, white mobs attack and burn Black Wall Street as preparations of prom night, school plays are performed and movies are shown at The Dreamland Theatre.  Forty eight hours of rampage ensue with aerial attacks and machine guns, the body count is up to 300 dead when the National Guard is called in to restore order. As the once thriving area of segregated Tulsa lies in ruin and ashes, African Americans are rounded up into internment camps.  Dick Rowland is released from jail and meets Sarah years later in Kansas City. They drink coffee.  The Tulsa Race Riots are buried in history in unmarked graves like many of the victims.

Director: Raphael Perry, Dallas

Diamond Dick runs on Sunday, Nov 11, 7:00 pm and Saturday, Nov 17, 2:00 pm. Click on date for tickets.