Burnt Umber

About the Play

burntumber 300x286 Burnt Umber

Burnt Umber bridges Tulsa, Rwanda and Bosnia. Jack, a reoccurring character in Ehn’s Soulographie play cycle, reappears, remarried. He teaches Genocide Studies at Tulsa Junior College – his academic specialization is genocide denial. His research is supported by the “international community,” in particular by powers invested in exculpating their complicity; Jack is a professional denier. Jack’s second wife, Connie, is in the National Guard, serving in Srebrenica, coming to new consciousness about events there. Their children, Erena and Lulu, struggle with compulsive disorders and autism, and are left to fend for themselves. They seek comfort in a grandmother whose Alzheimer’s proves dangerously destructive. Lulu, radically neglected, is seriously hurt in a car accident. Burnt Umber looks at how moral carelessness and lack of empathy provide genocidal ideology with requisite permissions.

Director: Mia Rovegno, NYC

Burnt Umber runs on Tuesday, Nov 13 at 7:00 pm and Saturday, Nov 17 at 7:30 pm. Click on date for tickets.