Lyrics from last week’s meet: the Tenderloin Opera Company. We get together weekly (people who are homeless/formerly homeless, homeless advocates and Brown students) to write songs and eventually an opera. We put on two recitals and last year at least got to a reading of Yankee Doodle Martians, our collectively written saga of Post-Apolcalypic Providence…

This is the first collective song of the season…


Welcome to the mundane

Chemical, acid mix

Fake and fancy

First class ticket

To anxious antsy

Ivory tower

The old tick-tock


Lion’s bite – nape of the neck

With you, without you – I’m a wreck

Angry cat

Lord of the underworld

Wants what he wants which is

None of your biz



I trip over light my cat threw down

Every balanced angle supposes disaster

Waiting for the dark, the shoes will find

Your feet to trip – your hands the floor or plaster


Smell of dirt, dead leaves, litter

Clouds pass leaving light to glitter

Guilt glides in the gutter

Watch me spin, watch me sputter

I’m alone but I

Love you I’m alone


Lightning bolt

Crashes through

My left eye

Rain pouring out

Every pore


Stuck in a place

I never been, and don’t know how to get out

I won’t pout

I will

Share pink

On one of thy greatest smiles


My sanctuary

Someone holds the key

Hearing voices in my head

A melody plays a message for me

In a place called sanctuary

Body made of light

We are what we marry


I’ll huff and puff, and blow over your wordy world

Fluorescent green breathing

The light, tired and broken

Faxes/breezes thru my well-being

Up to the very toptie o top of my mountainsides

I’m on the lookout for the three butterflies

Up and risen to the

Baby bluez skyzs


I found my books

I hear my birds

How fine it looks

And this is where you find you’re happy

This is where you learn that you are

Baby blue stars

Baby blue stars

Baby blue stars

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