[a wonderfully revivifying thread, a reminder of origins and the fuel that keeps us going – the persistence of fellowship. thanks to all involved with soulographie for their uncanny good faith.]


“Erik, your words remind me of another feature I wrote at the time Frontera was doing “Enfants Perdus.” It’s a long read, so here’s the ending: “We’re always tempted to look back at some previous period and say, ‘Ah, those were the days. That was when the scene was really cooking. That was when the dazzling work was done.’ For once, let’s look at the present. The planning has been underway for years, so we’re able to reap the benefits of it now. These are the days. The amazing work is out there. This year. This month. This week.” Sharon, that round table with you all is still one of the features I’m most proud of. I’m still grateful to you all.”

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