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Working on genocide the question always comes up – how does this come to be? If there’s a God and …


The only honest answer has got to be “I don’t know” – but a useful image came up in reading Pseudo-Dionysus today (The Divine Names) –


Think of how it is with our sun. It exercises no rational process, no act of choice and yet by the very fact of its existence it gives light to whatever is able to partake of its light, in its own way. So it is with the Good. Existing far above the sun, an archetype far superior to its dull image, it sends the rays of its undivided goodness to everything with the capacity, such as this may be, to receive it.”


A couple of familiar ideas in this – First, that “God is with the suffering” – God in love that can’t be interrupted; not a cause of the suffering, but with it. Evil is reachable by God. And – Evil is perceived relative to the good, is known only in opposition to the good – but isn’t caused by the good, any more than the sun causes darkness. Suffering as we know it, perceive it, falls out from the good – flowing from virtues like independence, freedom, indifference (as love is indifferent); evil – pure evil – doesn’t “exist” – it is the non-presence of the good. The good, which is love, which is charity, which is breaking forth – permits even its own non-presence. Lucifer, then, is not evil; caused by God, Lucifer is a divine creature who actively (banally, perpetually) turns away – and turning away is a virtue (free will), misused. Evil is where God seems to run out of God, but this light reaches everywhere, so there must be, somehow, recollection of non-presence into presence, where even darkness is inside the sun…

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