sum 20 – even when a train



[image; tenderloin opera co last week; sharper snaps coming soon]


Twentieth weekly post in the run-up to Silence: 2014, a cross-border artistic witness.


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Silence: December 2014 – Artists worldwide to practice silence through the month as they will, in different ways, to deepen global contemplative capacity cross-culturally, and demonstrate mass solidarity.




We probably have enough plays for right now. Plays should keep coming, but we are united in the event (situation, presence, readiness); we keep asking for it and keep discovering ways of making an object of the present; even the impossible present can become a technique or achievement. Silence is never perfect, one never stops moving into it, and you can’t “do” anything with it – try to pick it up and move it, and it makes a sound… Performance and scripts are accidents of audience; there is only audience; what the audience is auditing is silence.




Nice end-of-year event with Tenderloin Opera, in cohort with other companies in a first annual This Is Free Providence event. Partners: Out Loud Theater, Providence Performance Authority, The Wilbury Group, Strange Attractor – under the aegis of the Mathewson St. Theater. Generous audiences, good talk-backs, the right feel. Slow-steady… if I was a better organizer it’d be faster/wilder, but meanwhile – we’re getting someplace. We were more out into the community this year; collaboration with Speakers Bureau is strong. A poem from out last meeting –




Wishing You


BBQ in a big yard with grandparents

Watch my animal play the sun

Pluto the cat

Slaps dominoes with hermit crabs

Under a polka dot umbrella


Evan hugs the Pacific Ocean – blue as your eyes

Dinner in the garden smells like licorice + bike muscles –

What sunset tastes when she eats the last light

Keep your dreams alive;

God will always be there

Even when a train –


Well the brain… not with it today,

Uncertain and raw, blessed with fear

I miss my family

As much as I miss my health;

Dark chocolate;

I spend my day right next to wealth


I wish you:

Fresh affordable berries and my father-in-law’s knife

Four days of quiet in an Oklahoma coat

Loose dogs swim like pancake butter

I wish you a walnut chest with a scarf inside


Bottles, now, open neatly

And the barefoot magnolia tree triumphs in the rain

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