steal and hide

Stealing and hiding (the two thieves, in sequence with the apostles) are built on the false thinking that there is something we don’t own, that taking is having, and that there is an adjacent space that’s safe, where we can be both with and without. Even in the logic of self-protection, disappearance is more assured in acts of giving and showing. In giving, you vector from self (from selves, into the work, the gratitude); in showing (purely) you are a lens – there but invisible – which is more credible and sustainable than being there and not there.


Genocide is in the narratives of radical holiness; virtues (that we grip, that we think save us on the basis of our own wills) tip very easily – instantly, constantly – to theft and shame… Virtues are easily manipulated as advertisements for theft and shame – for private property and industrial forgiveness (manufactured safety).

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