[next up: some developmental work on dogsbody/sf, and in minneapolis for hidebound in oct. meanwhile, papermoon (indonesia), jeff jones, normandy sherwood, janie geiser, susan simpson, suzanne bocanegra, paul lazar, charlott meehan/sleeping weasel in town to talk about small-power – working with portability, adaptability and the domestic space in developing new work…]

What a Stranger May Know (Virginia Tech) is related to Soulographie as a likewise gathered and open memorial space. This year, in February, we’re staging another memorial action, this time for the victims of the Station Fire in West Warwick… 100 playwrights writing 100 performance texts, each a thousand words long (write for this! – contact me if you have questions). Tenth anniversary.

Some excellent news on the memorial-activism front:

This was a long, long time coming…




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