[Elated to be underway here at Brown with the remarkable Writers for Performance (Piece-Makers?) and the overall pool of collaborators. So much to look forward to in the year…]


There will be another Soulographie conference call in September; meanwhile, we’re reaching out to find, in particular: administrative support, support for residencies (especially of two or more teams at once, so we can move towards shared vocabulary), and – time to stare a fires at night.


Every part of this project is fascinating – the huge challenges, and the smallest details of interrogatory technique (discovering together how to make meaning, how to locate our fellowship…). Some tangible points of convergence (beyond the next call…) – our benefit (nice party) in maybe March, and I think the Strum could feature some Soulographie work (tentatively in April, in Iowa…). Arts in the One World is also an excuse to assemble, and that should be early March.


A fragmentary thought from an earlier conversation: Forgiveness refuses to let the scope of the world be diminished by the size of an enemy… Forgiveness includes the enemy in the project of creation.

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