spiral 2/2/14

“Invent – if not words, then phrases that cut you off rather than bind you. Invent, not love, but hatred, and thereby make poetry, since that’s the only domain in which we’re allowed to operate.” – Genet, The Blacks


I’ve always been troubled by the primacy of artifice and style in Genet’s theater (swinging from archetype to trope to cliché, with no stop at efficacious personal will; we are the exile we choose in his world, and our job as artists is to preserve the integrity of our marred and alienated masks by keeping the flames high under our pariah status?). Ritual that spirals inward to impersonality, exempt from creation, rather than spiraling outward to impersonality, and consent to be created? But he’s one of those writers who makes me acutely aware of my dull-wittedness. I bet I’m mis-characterizing him… In any event, relative to Silence 2014 – the silence in poetry may be fired by more than hate? There is a positive negativity?

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