Lastly from Shamrock (then back to Anne Carson) –


“Maeterlinck and I spent much of the first day dipping through the standard Lives, and then began a random search which soon revealed the truly idiosyncratic nature of the system. The category of Angelology looked most promising: when we went to the relevant location, we immediately came upon a book which seemed readily assignable to that domain: Gustave Fechner’s Comparative Anatomy of the Angels, first published in Leipzig in 1825. Briefly, Fechner follows the curve of evolution of the animal kingdom, from amoeba to man and then, by extrapolation, attempts to construct the ideal form of a still higher being, an angel. He concludes that such a being must be spherical, having evolved from a brain that had become too luminous for its body, which it subsequently abandoned, since it perceived universal gravitation in the same way as human being perceive light. The angels also communicate by means of light, since they lack vocal equipment.”


Looking to find our spherical natures in silence.


May I bee seen by you as I am, may I be seen by you without  turning away or any defense. Being seen by you, may I know who I am; I am because you see me; I am your act of seeing.

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