speaking of which

[about the conversation around Soulographie, this, via Rebecca Novick]

“Here’s what I’ve been saying about the symposium in grants, which more or less represents my imagining of it –

“This [2] decade-long project asks us to undertake a “revolution of the heart” and calls for a performance context that reaches for understanding and healing. Ehn: ‘The process calls together family – relationships that have been building over the 15-year writing process. Informing and creating dialogue with audience over the course of the development extends family; the plays are not informational so much as experiential. Story-sharing, teaching/learning, and sustained conversation are part of our way forward.’

“In this spirit, the Bay Area process will begin with a series of community residencies through early 2012, based at Tam High (in Mill Valley) and at the Playwrights Foundation, then culminate with a symposium on art and atrocity. This symposium will bring together artists, survivors, and the public in an exploration of how art can respond to atrocity and begin the healing process and will include public presentations of Dogsbody as well as other related work in different disciplines. Collaborating partners, venue, and dates for the symposium are still being finalized.

“In terms of practical things, I am looking for two things for the Dogsbody production — one, I think the right audience for this is one that is engaged in some exploration of the issues, rather than one that has randomly bought a ticket from a website and I would like to build that audience through this kind of programming rather than doing what I suspect will be difficult marketing.”

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