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[be with us, think of us – tonight is family night, the get-together at the la mama galleria…]

The Tenderloin Opera Company had a fantastically good time in recital yesterday partnering with the choir from Mixed Magic Theater (find them, hear them!). End-of-the-season reading of Baby Blue Stars, this year’s opera (collectively written with people who are homeless/homeless advocates). Here, one of the central songs as it found its shape in this draft.

The tree spoke:

Let the breeze sleep.

Light was there.

Light was there.


Light that will never

Reach me

Still shines.


Your sleep’s a breeze

In a dreaming tree:

Be surprised,

All the time, like water.

Kingdom streams,

The tree dreams:


In the kingdom of light

Shrink, empower, defeat, shine,

Etch, cover, reveal;

Mask, confess, distract, love.

Black eye, mother,

Pawtucket, coffee…

The one positive


Is light –

If only in your mind.

Shine, shine

In the kingdom of light


Light of a melody

Strums unbeatable,

Some come to

Violins and harps.

I gotta hear a beat

So throw me a

Uke and drum away.


Thankful for the light.

Thankful for the light.

The epitome of love and light.

Thankful for the light.

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