something which one could neither do, or think, nor say

[the quote below describes marguerite porete’s process, aspriational for soulgraphie collaborators.]


“Yet even so, says this Soul who wrote this book, I was so foolish at the time when I wrote it; but Love did it for my sake and at my request, that I might undertake something which one could neither do, or think, nor say, any more than someone could desire to enclose the sea in his eye, or carry the world on the end of a reed, or illumine the sun with a lantern or a torch. I was more foolish than the one who would want to do the other,


when I undertook a thing which one cannot say,

when I encumbered myself with the writing of these words.

But since I took my course

in order to come to my help,

to my final crown

of the being of which we speak

which is in perfection,


when the Soul remains in pure nothingness without thought, and not until then.”

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