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Katie Shook, writing on Star, the piece she’s making for Soulographie –


“Insidious cultural and economic appropriations—smooth jazz and salvadorian/guatemalan/rwandan coffee beans—permeate an atmosphere flitting with caffeine fairies, poisoned dogs, and the vague foreboding of consequence.

“A puppet piece.”


The puppet summit last weekend at Brown brought together great minds and deep hearts around some of the series’ densest pieces (the puppet plays tend to be short, boiled down – ultra essentialized). With patience and craft, the four teams (Katie, Kym Moor, Alison Heimstead, Laurie O’Brien) untangled story and explored imagery.


Among the thoughts on the value of puppetry to the process – something about putting the self outside of oneself (between the puppeteer and the audience) may allow for more personal expression, in some way – the way a child, when being questioned about abuse, is asked to use a doll to show what happened…

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