social change is not the content of performance it is its medium

Arts in the One World coming up. We start with a Seder on Thursday, a conversation between 28 people at four tables; we all work informally through four questions during the meal, under the umbrella of inquiry into art and peace-building, specifically – the lines we will cross (when peace requires neutrality; when it requires pointed advocacy). The questions – What led you to your work? What’s your current project? What would help your project advance? How can we (in this room) advance together? AOW moves through a lunch on Friday, a dinner Friday (a small gathering, ten or so, talking about art in the prisons), and a lunch on Saturday. Saturday’s lunch is preceded by two workshops (site specific theater with Martha Bowers, and physical theater with Orlando Pabotoy), and a panel on Rwanda anchored by Jean-Pierre Karegeye.


The notion is to make conversations more intimate and focused than in previous years, and to build community with care. This is the second year of AOW at Brown; I’m learning how to engage with/hand over to the students, how to join hands.


The perpetual notion is that conversation is theater. Hospitality is theater.


Social change is not the content of performance, it is its medium.

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