slim silence – 3/28/14

Silence as Creative Space. Silence is embedded in mask work and deep listening. We can never be silent enough for sound outside ourselves. John Cage, Slim Silence, says this in Indeterminacy (see e.g. minute 5 version 1).


We are pianos full of hammers; these hammers are built to wait; to strike, but meanwhile to bear incapacity with poise. Wait. We are scores (to score, to mark, to carve into; scars, manifests); scores are scored to convert playing to waiting. Bound for noise, we are meanwhile apt in strange refraining (songs contain refrains – a regular reining back). Be apt as difference; queer; tangential in the way that light bending towards a black hole indicates the singularity by leaning – the light’s gone when it’s on point.

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