[pulling a grant together; trying to sew together some of the summer’s reading/experiences…]


Silence suits compassion and service.


If silence requires mutuality (silence is inherently social – no-sound requires sound or the promise of sound to hold against, a history of sound from which to depart), mutuality requires speech (we cohere through acts of articulation; this is in line with John Cage’s thinking – “What I require is silence; what silence requires is that I speak”). Text may be used to restore silence to speech (Cixous – literature is “the school of the dead” – in a creative, chaotic sense; darkness as a source). Each translation – from silence, to speech, to text and back to silence – requires a rupture, in particular a breaking-open. And we are open in the world, in that which we can’ control. The space between our text and the single, total word-beyond-speech, is experience: is what we can’t possess and what doesn’t possess us; it is civics – the operation of the opened self in engagement with others and without domination or coercion. This arc, this journey, is not esoteric… It is daily practice; I’m engaged in it now, writing this down, imagining you, sharing a space between us that neither of us occupies personally, but actually, and beyond the person.

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