show up question

Some ideas about how to move with trauma:


Show up; show up as you are

Wait for invitation

Respond with a shared process

never promise what you can’t deliver


Teh map of witness-as-activism is the same as the map of prayer.


Great first day at the Mpls retreat; wish you were here. Maybe you could be at the next one. Feels like there’s honesty around who we are as defined by our questions (both our pit and limit). Needs and how to ask for their remediation fell into improved focus.


We need –

Administrative Support (an organizer or organization that can do the heavy lifting of tracking the calendar, setting up meetings, moving information within and beyond Soulographie…).


Developmental residencies (from weekend intensives to longer stingts – especially in order to get groups of plays talking to each other, sharing vocabulary – e.g. – assembling all the Puppet plays, for example, or all the Tulsa plays).


Conversational partners – Help in organizing teach-ins, testimony, research programs, and the learning/activist context for the project as a whole.


Benefit support – People to work with exclusive focus on the [March, hopefully], wrangling/offering performance and other resources.


We took some steps towards understanding next steps – who asks for what where…


Today we read through a bunch of plays, and dig a little deeper into the life of Hidebound in particular…

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