In Shanghai with a group from Brown, NYU, CalArts, Princeton and Yale as the guests of the Shanghai Theater Academy, whose looking to set up exchanges and developt the work of their Winter Institute (a student workshop offering training, conversation, cultural exchange…). Well hosted; the chief feature of STA is its massive high-rise with a Lamborghini dealership on the ground floor. An energetic city – like ten US downtowns shaken up and mixed together. A steroided Time Square on Nanjing Road, great food… There’s a lot for me to listen to and learn regarding politics; maybe more on that later?


Google docs… Am workign through some rewrites on Dogsbody after a great workshop with Rebecca Novick in SF; will circulate a Word doc – the Google pages are good for basic reference, but they tend to introduce some funky formatting – so the Word vers will be the more official.


All the plays have stories, but are meant to unfold as patterns of experience/energy – a little like stories carefully told in a foreign language?


On that note, off to teach a class!

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