semi sum

[we needed to do some soulographie summing-up for our fiscal sponsor; sharing here a snapshot of the past year… the song is from a recent maria kizito rehearsal…]


Between Sept 11 and Aug 12 (and some notes, beyond), we pulled together


The Puppet Summit (Hurlin, Shook, Heimstead, O’Brien, Moor workshopping Soulographie material at Brown) – 1/26-1/29/2012


The Soul Central Love Melt – a Soulographie Benefit at the La MaMa Galleria – 4/29/12


A Workshop at Vassar of Burnt Umber and Maria Kizito – 7/17-21/12/2012


Productions in preparation for NY of:


Shape (force/collision, DC)

Hidebound (Heart of the Beast, MN)

Yermedea (October, Sock and Buskin/Brown, PVD; Sleeping Weasel, Boston)

Star (Automata, LA)

Dogsbody (Intersection, SF)

Double Aspect (Sarah Lawrence; in October, ADI, DC)

Thistle (3rd Space, San Diego – remount, November)

Architecture of Great Cathedrals (Dixon Place, NY)

Diamond Dick (Project X, TX)

Cordelia (Theatre of Yugen, SF)


Directors Krzysztof Garbaczewski and Marcin Cecko (as a team) have been developing Every Man Jack of You and Forgiveness in Warsaw; they’ve recently made their way to NY to join us; we’ve been able to bring a total of six actors and musicians over from Uganda in support of Maria Kizito and Dogsbody.


A regular (generally weekly) phone conference with the producing core.


A series of phone conferences with the dramaturgical team.


An artists’ retreat in Minneapolis this past December, looking in particular at puppet dramaturgy and logistics (fundraising, communication).


A designers’ retreat in NY last February (exploring dramaturgical elements of the play, finalizing the cycle convergence design in collaboration with the other productions).


We launched a new website (see, and mentored the creation of a number of crowd-sourcing campaigns for individual shows.


We secured a publisher for the series; the book will be released in time for the opening…

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