rules and no rules

[In a continuing series of notes from AOW… Getting closer to having them all together, and when they’re up on the Brown site, I’ll post the link…]


Structures to defy – Inequity of access, including a bar against cultural access set up by stereotypes. Fight economic barriers to access by: on the one hand, working outside the economy, on the other hand – insisting on getting paid for honest work (advocate for equitable distribution). In art and administrative practice – break down disciplinary divides (w work out of our humanity vs. attachment to our medium?); promote circular vs. pyramidal structures.


An excess of politeness (starchy or unexamined stereotypes of respect) can inhibit honesty especially around, say, genocide.


Introducing rhythm, proportion, space to circumstances that are silenced, crushed, cramped – is dissent.


Contribute to the means to breathe; which contributes to the means to be loud. Contribute to environments where there are no permissions to be granted – the air is free (and seizing the mic will not result in destruction, but will promote more freedom).


Insist on respect.

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