Ran into the talented Mr. Hurlin today and he asked for some words on Rory – a character who appears in several plays (Rory’s an executioner in TX, who, made mentally diffuse by the strain of so much killing, goes on a drunken spree through Mexico and Central America). I’ve talked before about character types that run through Soulographie, and Dan wants to know what type Rory is.


As with Jack, Rory is a cell without a membrane – he has all the material he needs for moral action, but cannot gather it to purpose. He is dissolute – dissolving. He is sometimes bitter over his inability to live in the world of action/ethics, and this bitterness can lead him to give into gravity for the sake of any kind of motion (preferring to slide downwards than to sit still long enough for anybody else to judge him as hard as he judges himself). He does not decide to perpetrate genocide, but his lack of self possession, and his cynicism about ever being able to manage the good (especially in the forms of patience and perseverance), shape him in a way that gives full permission for perpetration to occur. Genocide loves him and he knows it; he is too weak to say no to genocide. Teresa (Maria Kizito) is naïve, but not weak like this. Lelu (Drunk Still Drinking) is between Teresa and Jack/Rory.


Rory is the porter for genocide. He is its helper.

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