rolling thunder

There’s a long way to go, but – the Thunder’s victory is sweet… And on the subject of Oklahoma, this in from cousin Alison:


This Land Episode 11 Tease

‎”North” explores the sounds and histories of North Tulsa. A trumpeter continues a family legacy. Wes Studi shares his love of Coney’s and Public Secrets investigates Tate Brady. Don’t miss JFJO performing a Race Riot Suite track live in Greenwood.


If the link doesn’t work –,AAAA2jbWu-k~,cg04pOFlA741fomaw0EerP_t6paKGgi4&bctid=1638631081001


In another country, but touching on Soulographie: Ishyo Arts Center, with whom we’ve worked in the past (and plan to work with in the future) is under stress in Rwanda; they may lose their space. A signature helps!


And for info on Ishyo itself –


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