Maria Kizito looks at prayer that goes to far (an alternative to thinking the nuns don’t pray); we can push right through an idea of God to the other side, to a nihlism that’s the hyperbole of the apophatic (the inability to name God definitively). Genocide is not at all the breakdown of the state or of culture; it is a culture and a state that go too far.




Separately – but related to this idea of moving through the unseeable/unsayable –


There is so, so much in Rilke’s Sonnets to Orpheus. With August winding down, here’s a cautionary note to faculty to latch to refrigerators with magnets…


All things want to float. And we go around like burdens,

settling ourselves on everything, ravished by weight;

what deadly teachers we are, when things in fact

have the gift of forever being children.

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