remove necessity

Weil: “Decreation”


“Space, time and matter” exist as a means of crawling to God; without them, we would be instantly destroyed. What sense do we make of the world if we are Jews in Europe in the 1930’s/40’s? If we’re enslaved? If our culture is destroyed? If our sister has an aneurism? And – how do we make sense of the world without privileging our separate suffering? The suffering that is most real is human suffering, which unites us – and not in justice; we are in union before we are just (Evil, p. 78). God is the FarNear (Porete).


“God renounces being everything. We should renounce being something.” (33) A call to love. Via Carson: Marguerite Porete/Sappho – pan tolmaton – everything must be dared.


Knowing the truth involves complete detachment; doubt the virtue of your characters, and your own writing…


Fiction and reality both take part in necessity.


God has no necessity; does not take part in necessity, and is not necessary. Is grace-ful.


Remove necessity from your work; the more you do the less yours it is, the less ours it is, the more it is. “In this way virtue is entirely analogous to artistic inspiration. The beautiful poem is the one which is composed while the attention is kept directed towards inexpressible inspiration, in so far as it is inexpressible.” (The Impossible, 97)


Proper desire is not to want the other (destruction) but to want what the other wants.


But we live in necessity (we’re mixed) – to see we need movement.


Sequence in time is the lure we use to draw attention and then destroy it.


Sequence in time is evil; performance is our necessary evil.

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