ramon d v i

Romans 13:11 You must wake up now: the night is almost over, it will be daylight soon.


Moving into Ramon del Valle Inclan now. Have always been moved by his Lamp of Marvels… Sometimes brutal and wrong, it is more often passionate, detailed and encouraging. About “Musical Miracle” –


We are untranslatable, one to the other; distinct (the first meditative practice is discernment?). Therefore we love (learn, reach). Love is recognition in site of difference. We recognize most powerfully (absolutely) what we were when we were absolute. “Everything has always been in us, and the only thing we accomplish is to be less ignorant of ourselves.” (33)


“Every substantial change in language is a change in consciousness and in the collective soul of a people.” (43)


“Languages shape us, but we ought to disjoint them.” (44)


“The norms of a future aesthetics are latent in the ethics of the future.” (45)


“Beauty is the possibility that all things possess to create and be loved.” (49)

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