power = peace

More on Pseudo-Dionysus/The Divine Names


We use words to admit the powerlessness of words.


“This is the sort of language we must use about God, for he is praised from all things according to their proportion to God as their Cause. But again, the most divine knowledge of God, that which comes through unknowing, is achieved in a union far beyond mind, when mind turns away from all things, even from itself, and when it is made one with the dazzling rays, being then and there enlightened by the inscrutable depth of Wisdom.”


This apophatic approach applies as well to genocide – which turns the mind aside; dazzles us in an opposite way with darkness…


Words are powerless, but not absolutely. Power is in everything that is, since, logically, existence is a power. Power is that which naturally organized all things to a sensible whole – in the case of langue, that which moves words to one word, to coherence – to an absolute coherence in one word… power is that within things that moves them to the perfected whole.


“The benefits of this inexhaustible Power reach out to humans, to animals to plants, and indeed to all of nature. They enable the assembly of all things to achieve mutual harmony and communion and they enable the distinguished to be so in accordance with the natural law as and qualities of each without any confusion or intermingling of their characteristics.”


Power is described then as Peace, or Peace is that which provides Power…


“Peace… brings all things together. This is what unites everything, begetting and producing the harmonies and the agreement of all things. All things therefore long for it, and the manifold and the divided are returned by it to a total unity; every civil war is changed into a unified household. Sharing in the divine peace, the higher gathering powers are drawn to themselves, to each other, and to unity and are one with the source of peace in al the world.”

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