Pretty steadily now we’ve said among ourselves that the work of the productions that braid together to Soulographie can be anything it wants to be as long as it’s perfect. Some thoughts about the perfect. It’s a word I use as a standard for us because I think we can get there (what good is a yardstick if nothing is a yard long?).


Perfect = undiminished in clarity (in sound and color terms, undiminished in fidelity) between intention and execution/enactment. They say Angels are made in a way so that there is no distance between option and choice – their consciousnesses are so pristine there’s no deliberation – they see and do. We’re not so transparent, but can build, deliberation by deliberation, a string of choices through time organized by a faithfulness to an ideal. We’re creating performances that come with no apology or external justification. Our ethic (the hope we offer) is rooted in the vitality of witness; we don’t insert our cavils between what we incite and what our audiences experience. None of our productions is half of something, or a version of something more complete; we don’t stage any IOU’s.

A script that calls for ten people can be done as a monologue, perfectly; a reading can be done perfectly – when we embrace monologues or readings as our missions – our routes to witness. We’re not looking, ultimately, to bring people to the scripts; we’re looking to bring people to a consideration of genocide; the scripts are only of merit insofar as they are instrumental to this character of meditation.


Perfection is in what happens, beyond the details of what we show. What we do, our activity, is the fabrication of a series of accidents the experience of which breaks us (ourselves, our audiences, we co-sufferers) open to mutual presence in light of our chosen subject. (We perform the plays in a 24 hour cycle to form a bond having survived together nightfall, daybreak.) Once again it (the “it” is perfection) is a matter of making space, not filling it.


Perfect = doing what we mean to do; meaning to do what we do.

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