own, un-own, noun

[Continuing a response to Lepore’s The Name of War]


If Cain killing Able is a type of genocide – the genus that’s being cided/decided is less a creature than an identity (a job, a status; property). The rate and efficiency of genocide has been accelerated by the [post-Enlightenment?] understanding as the body, and the self as private property (not just private, but property, capital).  While there is rage involved in the killing, the machine is greased by the concept of relocating or reassigning property; a people is deleted in the manner of rewriting a lease – colonial boundaries are drawn in disregard to the history of the land and how use has en-souled it.


We walk around the world as if we own it. We walk around our neighbors as if we own them. We walk around as if we own ourselves – when greater strength maintains in moving from the personal to the universal? Anarchy and freedom from money…

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