of benefit

Rabbit rabbit.


Two things on the table today – Benefit Theory, and guiding questions


About Benefit Theory…


The mantra in playwriting class, and apt to producing/ethics in general – how a thing is not only needs to match what it is, the how may be the what. Not: “look at what they say” but “see how they love each other.”


We need to cohere resources for Soulographie in a way that defines resources more powerfully than “money” and that gathers strength per who we are and how we live our lives. Taking “benefit” back to the root of the word – a boon, a balm – our chief need is for conversation and deep thinking into the subject of genocide. So our benefits – in the sense of gala events – can be a) several and local; b) personal (in the form of meals, sleep overs, etc.).


Thinking this through. At least want to have a real nice party in NY within the next ten months. Like Mr. Rogers – comfy shoes and musician friends in a delirium of play.


Guiding questions –


These are for the symposia, panels, story circles that will lead up to, lace through and follow out of the performance weeks. One that comes up – What is authentically pre-genocidal? How wide do we stretch our definitions? And if we truly believe that genocide is in motion, what are we willing to actually do?



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